The Smart Roadster Coupé

Wednesday, 9 November 2005

Smart Roadster Coupé

Alright, I've taken the BMW 1 Series off my list and have replaced it with the über cool Smart Roadster Coupé. I caught one driving in SS2 some nights ago and it's tiny! Small as it may be, this 0.6 litre engine on 4 wheels looks seriously fun. A quick poke around Smart's website reveals some interesting--to a non-petrolhead like myself--facts about the car:

  • 3 cylinder turbocharged engine (turbo sounds fast).
  • 698 CC (that's 0.6 litre right? The Getz we're driving now is a 1.5 litre).
  • Maximum speed of 160 km/h (I hardly drive above 140 km/h anyway AND local highway speed limits caps at 110 km/h).
  • It's got ESP, ABS, ASR and airbags (nice).
  • Ton of options (fog lamps, cruise control, steering wheel paddleshifts-ala-formula-1 etc).
  • Convertible roof.
  • Brabus Xclusive Variant (OMG!).

The Brabus Xclusive is a tweaked up version of their 60kW model. It has some Brabus exterior extras and a sports tuned engine so it Goes Faster™. 0-100 km/h in 8 seconds faster that is (the Nissan Skyline GTR, however, tramples the competition in about 5.3 seconds).

Smart Roadster Coupé

Anyway, I'm not sure about what I'm reading, but reports was that DaimlerChrysler was to stop production of the Roadsters, which drove demand for the model up 30% in UK, so they're now letting the production continue through 2006 (link), beyond that, it's hard to say. Yay, I have another year to save up for the £17,295 (MYR 113,672) car. More pictures here.

Smart Roadster Coupé



#1Gravatar imageLigeirinho says:

What with all the silly taxes and crap, by the time you can get in into the country it’ll be priced at over RM200,000! :p

#2Gravatar imagepsychedelic hamster says:

like i said before, babies in the boot…

#3Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Psychedelic Hamster: Babies aren’t in his atmosphere at the moment. :p

#4Gravatar imagevuihow says:

698 CC ?? Whoaaaa my Pug baby’s 1.8 and it’s drinking fuel like water!

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