Pangkor, Here We Come!

Saturday, 22 October 2005

This is it--we're finally off on our honeymoon tomorrow morning! We've had to change our plans yet again after the bombing in Bali on October 1st (although for entirely pocket-conscious reasons Han and I thought that it would have been the best time to go) and so we've settled on living the high life at the Pangkor Laut Resort for all of the next 3 days. The confirmed amount in the reservation letter totalled my one month's salary! 8-} Oh well, Han says not to worry and that there'll be another time where we can have a holiday that would be a proper honeymoon--i.e. flying off to another country for more than a week. All things said though, we're both still extremely excited about the trip.

We'll be back on Wednesday in time for a commercial shoot with Bantus. 😀 Details later.


#1Gravatar imageInevitable says:

Post some picture ya when you are back

#2Gravatar imagePriscilla says:

Oh my god! I’ve always wanted to go there!!! I’ve seen so many pics of the place and it’s to die for!! Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh!!! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous… ENVIOUS!

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