Happy Birthday Mom and Su Fei!

Sunday, 16 October 2005

We had such a fun evening celebrating the double birthday joy together. My father-in-law had planned a surprise dinner venue, and even had a chauffeur turn up at the gate to take them there. Su Fei was in a "Help! I can't pair anything with my new accessories"-panic but she looked great in the end. :p Dinner was at Avanti's at Sunway Resort Hotel--I enjoyed the food, but the singing chefs kinda stole the limelight for me. It's about time they revised their repertoire though.

Photos here.

Ah yes, and it was Ruach's birthday too! Hope you had a great time as well. 🙂


#1Gravatar imageMiaow! says:

hehe.. babes… must say that you look wonderful with short hair… hehe
preference will always be yr long hair lah.. hehe always said.. yr hair and product should be new best friends.. but this time it looks more managable as you mentioned… hehe

miss ya sweetie… love to yr man too 😉

#2Gravatar imageruach says:

thanks. 😉

#3Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

nice pics! Mr. Ngeow Senior is such a riot with the party hat! 😀

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