Bantus Capoeira Festival 2005

Tuesday, 13 September 2005

To say that the weekend was a whirlwind of activity would be an understatement! Bantus Capoeira Malaysia held its 2nd annual festival and batizado for its students, and the two of us were in the thick of it as we were a couple of the organisers. In all, we had about 30 guests from Brazil, Perth, Singapore, Thailand, China and Japan--Coelho did a fantastic job in settling their housing and transport arrangements while in KL. Too bad there wasn't much time to really yak and chat and get to know people in detail, but it was a good chance to make acquaintances and share the whole festival experience together.

We laughed, cheered for each other, cried, made friends and unfortunately also discovered some not-so-savoury characters in our midst. There were so many new experiences this time round even though we already knew how to organise things based on what we went through last year.

Loads of good memories. I feel greatly inspired from all the fantastic capoeira we were privileged to witness all weekend. Bantus girls, let's get our green cords next year in BRAZIL!!! 😀 I'm all for egging each other on to achieve this.

Watch this page for photos! 😉

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#1Gravatar imageInevitable says:

I was around 1U and managed to snap some pictures as well as record part of the ‘musical dance?’. Good stuff …

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