Bracing For The New Week

Sunday, 28 August 2005

I started off writing this post thinking I'd expound all the things I'm grateful for and mull over my position at the workplace. Fortunately I got stuck at a particularly ponderous paragraph, then decided to wipe everything off and stick to a simple what-I-did-last-week-which-made-me-happy list:

  1. We caught up somewhat with old MC schoolmates Ruach, Danny and Daniel before they all dispersed to various parts of the globe again. It struck me that it's practically impossible to arrange for a reunion where everyone from class as we knew it would be in one place simultaneously--like waiting for planets to align themselves in stellar harmony--knowing just how scattered we are now. It was great to banter with them in person again. I feel that so long as we have each other to remind us of how we were back in school, we'd never really grow old inside. Hugs all around--I'm getting soppy.
  2. I'm reading Bill Bryson's "A Short History Of Nearly Everything" as a counterpoint to the less cerebral (but no less entertaining) "Sick Puppy" by Carl Hiaasen. I must admit that most of the discourses on science escaped me (as well as the author, apparently!) but I do enjoy his style of writing nonetheless.
  3. The skies have never looked bluer! We relished the sunshine and cool breeze that has brought the heavy rains in the past few days.
  4. God sent me comfort through Han and a few friends who reasoned me out of my funk with regards to the job. Even this morning during the sermon we were reminded that we all have the latent potential to do good works for Him--what remains is for us to shake off the familiar trappings of society and keep our minds focused on what God would have us do instead.
  5. Han and I spent proper 'couple' time together without having to rush off for other appointments. We even caught a movie at the cinema! I'm sure watching Charlie and the Chocolate Factory wouldn't have been quite the same if I were in someone else's company.
  6. I finally spoke with my Grandma on the phone--turns out that her stint at the hospital was mainly due to her allergic reaction to some self-administered medication she applied on some rashes. Calling her once a week really should be on my regular list of things to do...I'll work on that.
  7. I went to church after being MIA ever since the wedding-dinner season ended, and got to know a fellow church member a little better (I know she's a full-time mom of 3 kids and lends her energy to the National Kidney Foundation down the road, but I still can't remember her name. ARGH.).
  8. I could keep up with Rafael's ginga drills without seeing stars, woohoo! We've started on maculele rehearsals for our Noite Brasileira performance at Qba on the 10th of September.

So armed with all that positive energy, I face the new week with a light heart and the impulse to leave my mark on the world for His sake.


#1Gravatar imageHui Li says:

hi michelle!

how was the movie? we managed to get great seats after the cinema released the telephone bookings. the guy was so kind, he let us wait at the counter and kept checking whether the bookings had been released between every customer. in the end, we got 2nd last row seats, centre. wow!

anyway i found charlie & tcc a teensy weensy bit draggy. plus there’s all that extra stuff that’s not in the book. i guess when you’ve read the book at a very young age and had already imagined up every last detail, it’s a bit harder to be convinced. but all the chocolate looked good…

have a great week ahead!!

#2Gravatar imageruach says:

hugs all around indeed. now come out to the states and visit. while i’m here. :p ’cause i hate my job too.

have i mentioned i hate my job? 🙂

#3Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Ruach: Let me do some bean counting and see if it’s possible to save up for a trip to the US and Perth and Brazil in the next 2 years. 😀 Plus for what it’s worth, your job’s providing you pretty decent blog fodder–though I completely understand that you could do away with that source of agony, hehe.

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