Episode 3

Sunday, 21 August 2005

From the Editing Room, The Abridged Script:

Ewan McGregor, Oh no, the hangar has shields up!
Hayden shoots something next to the shield and they deactivate.
Ewan McGregor, The thing that powers the shield is on the outside of the ship?
Hayden Christensen, Yeah, it's pretty stupid. It's like a life support system being in a box on someone's chest.

...and Backstroke of the West:

ratio tile, the wish power are together with you

anakin: "obi wan, may the force be with you"

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#1Gravatar imageAnson F-Clef says:

Check this out if you think you can understand and remember….

SFX: Vong, vong, vong….(swordfights interspersing)
Anakin: Aaaaargh! Gua eh chiu ahh!!
Darth: Luke, ter gua ki or or hee beng….
Anakin: Aih, tan gu gu ah?
Darth: Luke, gua see lue eh lau bek….
Anakin: Boh kor neng! Boh kor neng!
Darth: (Heavy breathing)….
Anakin: Gua eh lau bek see liau!
Darth: Lue eh sioh pak bai…lue du eh jai nyar si ji beng….

#2Gravatar imageAnson F-Clef says:

Sorry, wrong identity….Anakin’s line was actually Luke’s – got mixed up anyhow… 😛

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