Late Night At The Office

Monday, 15 August 2005

...not at mine, but Han's. He and his team have been working all day to finish up a project that's due tomorrow morning. After spending the afternoon with my parents, I ordered 4 pizzas to bring to his office and stacked them in the backseat of the car along with the few remaining wedding gifts from the last reception we had in Lake Club.

So I settled into one of the office chairs parked at the cozy eating area next to the pantry, and finished off Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It's been a great way to pass the travelling times on the train to and fro the office.

It's now 12:16am. Ants are swarming enthusiastically over their newly-found source of food that is the leftover pizza placed on top of the microwave oven and the water dispenser. The team's supposed to be done soon, although 'soon' is of a debatable quantum. We've both had a long day--Han with his work, and mine with the M! Opera workshop in the morning. How quickly the weekend has zipped by under our noses! We barely had any chance to rest at length. At least he can hope to be given half the day off tomorrow for completing the project on time. 🙂

Ah, we're leaving soon. Looking forward to collapsing into bed after a good shower...

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