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Wednesday, 10 August 2005

Back to the Freak subject: thanks for all your support and advice guys. 🙂 But whoa there, let's not blow this out of proportion.

A-nor-ni-mus, what exactly did you do to 'bait' this guy? Please, although I'd like to settle this matter soonest, it would be prudent to at least discuss any courses of action with me before setting things into motion. The danger here is that we allow our kindergarten playground instincts to take over when confronted with an unsavoury character such as this, who is so easy to dislike. I don't want to provoke this guy unnecessarily.

I have all the evidence printed out--but making a police report in this country is no walk in the park, and honestly, I'm dreading the thought of spending hours at the police station and having to communicate with my hopelessly broken Malay. Han and I have a tight schedule to keep--this is one interruption that I'm not keen on entertaining, especially if we have to make repeated reports against this guy, as suggested by Just Another Blogger (no offense taken whatsoever--your input is much appreciated 🙂 )

More thoughts to spill on this matter, but there's work to be done this morning. :p Again, many thanks to you all.


#1Gravatar imagea-nor-ni-mus says:

first things first, does the freak knows you own this blog? he could reading this. any idea? you could hv left a link in your icq profile.

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

No, I don’t think he does. My ICQ profile has no mention of this blog.

#3Gravatar imagea-nor-ni-mus says:

so would u like to proceed or gv it a rest? i can mount my tacticals from here.

i hv been in contact with freako via sms for the past 2 weeks. he has asked me out for a drink but i hv put him on hold. so if ur report has been lodge, all we need to do is to meet up with him. when he is there, gv his cell phone a ring. once he answers it then we hv our man.

u think that is workable?

#4Gravatar imageMichelle says:


Actually, that idea has been tossed around before. Did you pose as a guy or girl? :p Just wondering…

Seriously though, I wouldn’t want anyone to be seen by him. He already knows (roughly, at least) what I look like, and I certainly don’t want to drag anyone else into this situation. I’m against any face-to-face contact with Freak, even if it’s from a position of anonymity.

I’m very touched that you’d want to stick your neck out to help this much! Many thanks…I’ll need to talk with hubby about this. Keep Freak on hold, and I really hope that he doesn’t start harrassing you as well.

#5Gravatar imageligeirim says:

Now that sounds like a noble cause… count me in if a meeting is in store. The Bantus family will be ready to mobilize at first notice!

#6Gravatar imagevuihow says:

Gimme a strand of his hair and I’ll pass it to a “bomoh” teeeheeeee

#7Gravatar imagemusico says:

BAHA is now getting ready for action… 😀 (Bantus Anti-Harassment Agency)…

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