Settling Into New Office

Monday, 1 August 2005

It's 4:04pm--I'm relaxing in the calm before the storm which happens on a daily basis as soon as the local market closes. My colleagues have just finished briefing me on my expected duties which I'll be performing over the next 2 months until the company can find a replacement for their operations staff who'll be leaving in the middle of August. As far as I can tell, a lot of eyeballing spreadsheets and papers will be involved. It's definitely not glamorous, but I'm quite happy to try out something new.

Some initial thoughts on pros and cons gathered from my first impressions of this place and work:


  1. the people here are generally very pleasant to work with;
  2. there's a spanking new Bloomberg machine I can use! Woohoo!
  3. I'm learning something new here--I've never done operational backroom stuff, so it'll be interesting to see/experience why the staff are generally irritable at the end of every day;


  1. no messenger programmes seem to work on this PC which I'm using;
  2. I think my eyesight will deteriorate with all the staring I'm in for;

Of Dubious Good/Bad:

  1. there's a coffee machine outside where you touch 2 exposed wires together to get a free cup of coffee/milo;
  2. the cubicle I'm in has a window to the main aisle of the office;
  3. this is where the boss of my company is stationed.

4:18pm. I wait.

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