Today’s Emotional Weather Forecast: Bleak

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Just when I thought last night's stretch of good, wholesome sleep would help perk me up today, things went downhill from there:

  1. Along the way to dropping me off at the LRT station, a little old lady driving a Proton Saga emerged from a side lane on our right and drove straight into us, leaving a painful dent on both the doors. Thank God neither of us were going at speed, and that neither party was hurt--we did take down her phone number and license plate though.
  2. Streamyx was down at my office when I arrived. Even after switching to the slower ISDN line, our e-mails still haven't been sent to our internal server.
  3. I was virtually left with no choice about being seconded to our HQ for 2 months to do donkey work in the operations department. I appreciate the fact that one of the people had tendered her resignation and that the other two are going to deliver their babies anytime soon, but surely it would have been routine practice to put out advertisements to fill in the post much sooner?
  4. Freak is still sending me MMS and SMS messages. I hope it'll be easy to get a supplementary line under Han's number. Can I make police reports over the phone? *sigh...*

Faced with rubbish like this, I can only look upward for comfort. Everyone's got their own set of worries and only God has the time to entertain my needs.

I can't think straight at work today.


#1Gravatar imageruach says:

*offers a sympathetic t00t*

#2Gravatar imagea-nor-ni-mus says:

abt that freak, maybe u shld go report to the police. since he is using a prepaid no. it wont be easy in tracking him but am sure he is using it to make personal calls as well. so if somehow u can get to Micheal Choong of MCA to help publish his hp no. in the papers and hope that his wife, gf or even friends to notice his number and to let them what a pervert he has been, i dont think his stalking days will be over soon.

#3Gravatar imageLincoln says:

Aww… Hugz…. don’t worry .. when it rains, it pours…. But that also means.. the Sun will shine through soon.

No you can’t make police reports over the phone. Best is go to a police station. Exaggerate the report further also….

#4Gravatar imageNicole says:

Hey it can only get better! Yeah I’m interning in ops too and although it can be really dreary sometimes you have more brainpower to plan after-work events and surf blogs! 😉 Just make sure it isn’t a permanent posting… And good luck with the freak!

#5Gravatar imagejust another blogger says:

Hi there,

I’m just someone who’s been surfing around the net and stumbled upon your blog. What caught my attention was that you mentioned about being sexually harassed and literally being stalked by this chap through your mobile. My ten pence’s worth is that you should immediately lodge a report to the police and include details of the previous harassment by this chap. Chances are, the police might not act. However, to continuously lodge reports about this pest would allow the police to compile a proper file, so to speak, against him which can ultimately be used to obtain further information from his mobile phone service provider.

Also, in relation to the service provider, they are not allowed to knowingly assist a customer who is using and abusing their services. This is usually incorporated in their contractual agreements. It is the case that they would not disclose information about their customers but if requested by the police, then unless they wish to be served with a witness summons, they would have no choice but to provide you with the information of that pest. Or, you could try to approach the service provider yourself by presenting them with evidence of your police reports. Hence, the more reports you have against him, the more the service providers are compelled to look into an abuse of their services.

Also, of interest, publication of pornographic material through mobile phones or whatever means in Malaysia is a criminal offence. This could be brought to the attention of the police officers whom you lodge your report to. Just remember to save the evidence on your phone (which should come with his mobile number) and show them to the police. In fact, his service provider or even yours can extract all menacing texts and picture msg he had ever sent to your mobile number.

Hope it helps as I realised upon reading your entries that you are being continuously harassed. I apologise if I may sound patronising and might have repeated things which you already know or have done. My suggestion is that you should do something about this, not only because it has patently caused you much distress but also that this tantamounts to more than one criminal act.

#6Gravatar imagea-nor-ni-mus says:

wud u grab the opportunity to unveil this freak if given? do u still hv his sms msg? first u need to lodge a report. once that is done, u can proceed to entrap him.

#7Gravatar imagea-nor-ni-mus says:

Profiler :

MALE (of cos)
LATE 30s

If u are serious, we can work together to track him down. We just need a bait. And i hv already cast the bait. Up to you now to take up the offer and bring it to the next level – the police!

#8Gravatar imageMiaow! says:

hey girlie.. my suggestion is to compile all the freak’s crapology classes to you and compile it n go lodge a police report, lodge one with every other msg he sends to you, too.. tell me when you’ve got the police report going, coz i’ve got a cousin who’s in maxis. i’ll speak to her for you n we’ll see how to proceed from there, kays?

holler back at me soon, hunni… n tc!

#9Gravatar imagea-nor-ni-mus says:

i hv laready laid the bait to lure this freako out. once u hv the police report done, then we can proceed from there. how’s that?

#10Gravatar imagesal∂meanδ » says:

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