Wednesday, 20 July 2005

Guess what--he's back. He's sending me monitor screen shots of his porn collection, and has even gone to the extent of trying to discredit me by sending an ICQ profile photo of myself to Han's phone (I don't think he knows we're married) and saying that I've got nude pics online. WTF?

I wanted to deal with the initial anger by arranging for a meeting to physically beat him up myself--I'd go straight for the balls, if he had any. Or agree to the Bantus idea of ganging up on him for a stare-down just to frighten him.

Instead, we had a fun time distributing his number to a few of our friends who left him 5-minute-long voice mails, had disjointed conversations with him about being best friends, and text messages with poorly-veiled threats. We discovered that he's quite stupid and inarticulate, unable to say more than "F*ck you!" whenever any one of us managed to get him on the line.

Eventually I sat back to think about this poor guy, and I prayed about it, asking God what we could do with this character. Lodging a police report won't be any good, cuz the legal system here doesn't seem to uphold complaints about sexual harrasment until something bad happens--and they'll probably just tell me to change my phone number anyway. The irony of it all is that his picture messages, which have been sent to the online MMS service (I don't have an MMS-enabled phone), clearly breaches Maxis' terms of service. They've all been saved in my Inbox, so that's easily usable as evidence. A call to Maxis' customer support, however, confirms that they are unwilling to sort out this case. They can't bar Freak's number without his permission, even if he's misusing the service. Oh well.

He's obviously craving for attention, for after backing down for a bit after the recent barrage of calls from my friends, he's sending me those lewd photos again. Is he enjoying all this, I wonder?

Han and I have decided that he's one pathetic creature who's not worth wasting our time on. He makes for good blogging fodder, but I don't want his antics to colour my judgement about how to deal with people in general. So if he ever calls me again (hopefully not at 1:30am as in the past) I'm going to sing gospel numbers to him and ignore whatever he says. It could prove useful, who knows?


#1Gravatar imageSee Ming says:

hugs, stay cool!

#2Gravatar image8dee says:

Congrats to your wedding.

Get rid of the scumbags! and enjoy your newlywed life.

#3Gravatar imageligeirim says:

What’s his number again?

#4Gravatar imageLynn says:

looks like we need to up our strategies to get rid of this idiot. any luck on tracing this guy??

#5Gravatar imageAndy Heong says:

I don’t suppose you can give me his number? Since I do work in a call centre and have lots of friends who also works in call centres… you get the idea.

Since he likes calls so much and some of my friends do on occassion have to buff up our total talk times… muhahaha

#6Gravatar imageruach says:

is your phone one of those that can block the number without the need for maxis interference? or at least “customize” the ringtone to be silent so you can ignore him more easily?

#7Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Thanks for all the responses guys!

Ligeirim: It’s 012 287 6400

Lynn: Nope, no luck. Haven’t heard from our mole in Maxis. :p

Andy: Just make sure that your company doesn’t record your calls to the poor sod!

Ruach: Unfortunately, no–my phone’s one of those very rudimentary models. Good idea though.

#8Gravatar imageLincoln says:

Can i Sms him your blog website ? Hehe Kidding. I’ve heard that Maxis will only take action if a Police report is made. He has moved beyond harassment and gone towards insinuating blackmail.

I suggest, to protect yourself, go and make a police report. With this police report, bring it to Maxis and demand action.Which could be…
1. Barring his Service
2. Obtain his personal particulars to be handed to the police.
3. To be used for court purposes should you wish to sue/take an injunction against him.

Alternatively, Andy , your friends in call centre ? Can they do a search on his mobile phone number, to see if we can pull up any personal details in there. Then we can pose as his credit card company , get his address, email and workplace, and turn our tables on him .

Lets get this sucker by the balls, and feed it back to him


#9Gravatar imageAndy Heong says:

Michelle, my company do record my calls for errr “quality control purposes” but I’m not concerned. Besides, its fun to give some back to that git!

Lincoln… I pass him number over to the most sadistic fellow I know ( sometimes I think my friend is the embodiment of Cthulu ) . When I show him Michelle’s post, I saw the evil light of inspiration in his eyes. The idea about the number is a good one. Let’s see what I can dig up.

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