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Tuesday, 19 July 2005

As seasoned web-users, have you noticed how we almost instinctively look for something to mouse-over and click on whenever we want to navigate through a website? Well, a German fellow is trying to challenge this status quo by creating this site to show that you can surf webpages without having to click on anything. It's built entirely in flash.

It was an interesting experience, having to restrain myself from clicking. I failed quite a number of times cuz I clicked when nothing seemed to be happening in certain sections, and there wasn't any visible indication of whether there was information being loaded up in the background. The annoying bit is that you can't save a particular page to go back to right away, and there wasn't a search tool on the site.

Was it good design? I think I'd be neutral on it--on the one hand, it's pretty cool to look at, but on the other hand, is doing away with clicking really going to save you a lot of time and effort? Somehow I feel that leaving the option open to the end-user to click on a link in order to make something happen gives the person a sense of empowerment, which would be missing if this kind of web design were to be widely adopted.

Or maybe that's just me. Does anyone have the time to have a go at the site and tell me what you think about it?


#1Gravatar imageLcF says:

LOL~ I like the screen after clicked in the page 😛

#2Gravatar imagekcilc says:

If you do not click, adsense will also not click to increase your revenue!

#3Gravatar imagevvayz says:

I think clicking is just a simulation of real life (e.g. Pressing the button on an elevator). True enough, some things in life doesn’t require us to do anything (e.g. Auto doors at the mall), but notice how those things sometimes do more than necessary (i.e. Opening and closing when no one wants it to)? Same goes for a non-click interface. The system has to keep anticipating what the user wants, and keep opening and closing here and there. It actually gets irritating… :p Furthermore, the system couldn’t keep up at times. Too resource intensive. By the way, managed to resist the urge to click. :p

#4Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Vvayz: Ah, good point about the system having to anticipate what the user wants. Just got hit by the thought that it’s similar to having a person who tries hard to please everyone but doesn’t feel comfortable in his own skin–that *can* get pretty annoying too. :))

Kcilc: Good observation–but on the other hand you could end up with so many people accidentally activating the Adsense link when they mouse over it, and your revenue could skyrocket! I’d imagine that it would hurt the number of returning visitors though, cuz they’d be forced to be extra careful in moving around your site to avoid unwanted popup windows etc. For this reason I’d rather that we retain our clickable websites. 😀

#5Gravatar imageruach says:

i tried it out but didn’t like it too much. not because it was click-free but because it still involved the mouse. i’m all for navigating using the keyboard alone. but that’s mainly because i’m too lazy to take my hands off the keyboard to touch my mouse when i’m on a desktop and because the touchpad on my laptop is not as exact as i’d like. :p

#6Gravatar imageruach says:

upon rereading my comment, i realized i went completely off-tangent from the point of the site. oops. still, it’s another perspective, no? 😉

i didn’t click on anything there but i don’t like how quickly things change when you move your mouse although you don’t necessarily want them to. if you had to click to trigger something, that wouldn’t be happening. there. i’m back on point. heh.

#7Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Heheh, no worries. You know, Han would agree with you on working towards building websites which don’t require mousey business–just plain keyboard navigation. We’re ALL lazy bums, which ironically makes for the most challenging *and* noteworthy of design assignments for people who work in this field! I would think that the tricky bit is to help educate users to adopt that kind of browsing behaviour without having to spell out the ‘how-to’s in an obvious way.

Yeah, I agree with you on the other point about unintentionally triggering events on the site–it’s distracting!

It’s very satisfying business, all this user-interface design stuff.

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