Our Alternative to Wedding Cake

Monday, 18 July 2005

This was a last-minute snap decision for our wedding. What happened was that we opted out of having boxed wedding cakes for our guests so they could leave the dinner with the classy gel candles supplied by Cyberview Lodge instead. They'd have a little gift, but no cake.

Then the week before the big day, Andy brought me to a place called Vanilla Box for dessert one afternoon (after much coaxing on his part--all I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and sleep after lunch) and I was blown away with their spread of chocolate-based cakes. He recommended trying out their brownies, and I was really very keen on having those as give-aways at our dinner as well.

So if you're a KL resident and

1. You attended our wedding, tried the brownies and wondered where we found them, or
2. You're racking your brains on a nicer alternative to wedding cake (I don't like fruit cakes in the first place, with all the horrible plastic red and green fake cherry bits inside)
I highly recommend that you pay the shop a visit:

> **The Vanilla Box**
Asian Heritage Row,
58 Jalan Doraisamy,
50300 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +603 2691 6007
Fax: +603 2692 6007

Ask to speak to Sherlene Chong, the manager. She's quite the chirpy lass and would be more than happy to help you with your enquiries. Oh, they do lunches there too and I hear that their fare is pretty decent in terms of taste and pricing.


#1Gravatar imagegrace says:

Absolutely LOVE their pumpkin soup! mmmms…. pies are good too 🙂

#2Gravatar imageAndy Heong says:

I love their Chili and their Pizza’s are pretty good. And of course the cakes… the cakes.

Michelle, if I recall correctly… repeated hints about Chocs was what persuaded you to go there. And you did a fantastic job of wiping out the better part of 2 LARGE slices of Choc cake. Looks like you’re somewhat bribeable with Chocs! :-p And you still fit into your dress!

#3Gravatar imageLinc says:

Dang .. i missed out on the brownies…

#4Gravatar imageLynn says:

i hate fruit cake too! i’m glad i hv someone who shares the same sentiments as me! 😀

btw, i dun think anyone took home the brownies.. we ate them up before dinner even started! hahha.

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