Thursday, 30 June 2005

![Map to Cyberjaya](2005063000.jpg)

> Official map for Cyberview Lodge

If you're coming from Petaling Jaya/Kuala Lumpur, head towards the Sunway-LDP toll either via Federal Highway or LDP itself.

![Federal Highway heading to Sunway-LDP intersection](2005063001.jpg)

> Federal Highway heading to Sunway-LDP intersection

![Sunway LDP intersection](2005063002.jpg)

> Up the Sunway-LDP intersection heading towards Puchong

Go through the LDP toll and head towards the direction for Puchong and Putrajaya.

![Sunway-LDP toll](2005063003.jpg)

> Sunway-LDP toll

After the toll, keep right and look out for overhead signboards which points to Seremban, Kajang and Putrajaya. You'll then approach a right-bend heading to Puchong. Keep following the highway pass the Puchong township.

![After the Sunway-LDP toll](2005063004.jpg)

> After the Sunway-LDP toll, keep right

![Heading towards Puchong](2005063005.jpg)

> Look out for the overhead signs to Putrajaya

![Puchong township](2005063006.jpg)

> Pass the Puchong township, note the IOI mall on the right

![Puchong township](2005063007.jpg)

> Driving by Puchong

Once on the Puchong stretch of the LDP, it's okay to keep to the middle lanes. You'll also pass a few large underpasses and overhead bridges. Take note of the overhead signs and follow the way to Putrajaya.

![Bridges over LDP](2005063008.jpg)

> Lots of overhead bridges and underpasses

![Mobil on LDP](2005063009.jpg)

> Pass a Mobil station on the left, take note of the upcoming overhead sign

At the end of the Puchong stretch you'll need to keep left at a fork heading towards Putrajaya. The two left lanes will let you merge left. Heading straight will take you on the KLIA route, and you really don't want to go there.

![Keep to the middle lanes](2005063010.jpg)

> Keep to the middle lanes and prepare to merge left after the Kampung Bahru Puchong exit

![Merge left](2005063012.jpg)

> Merge left and head towards Putrajaya, Cyberjaya!

Continue on the highway. Keep to the right lanes and pass another toll, checking that you're always following the overhead signs to Putrajaya, Cyberjaya.

Eventually, there will be a overhead sign indicating a left exit to Cyberjaya, P. Meranti. Keep to the left and exit a tight bend taking you into Cyberjaya.

From here on it's straight driving through a palm-lined road. Keep driving pass the colourful Lim Kok Wing University on the right and another underpass.

You'll past the Ericsson building on the right before you reach a traffic light junction. There will be signs pointing to Cyberview Lodge along the way. Turn left without stoping at the lights.

Drive ahead, past the Shell complex and Century Square until you see a large pole with "Mutimedia Super Corridor" written on it. That's the entrance to Cyberview Lodge resort.

Enter the resort and just drive up to find parking and head for the resort lobby!

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