Tuesday, 28 June 2005

__Saturday, 2nd July 2005__

**5:00pm** - Guests arrive and check themselves in at registration desk

**6:00pm** - Garden ceremony, cake cutting and champagne

**6:30pm** - Registration of remaining dinner guests

**7:00pm** - Dinner is served


* Photo presentation
* [Bantus Capoeira's]( performance
* Best man's speech
* 1 song presentation by Michelle
* Groom's speech
* Toasting
* Open dance floor for all guests


#1Gravatar imageNicole says:

15 minutes to go and we’re posting from Suite 139, Michelle and Wu Han’s room! 😯 Michelle just finished memorising her wedding vows!! 😮

#2Gravatar imageAndrea says:

Haha..Cool! I’m @ home now waiting for Adrene, so that we can come for your wedding together-gether. Looks like we will only be in time for dinner….

#3Gravatar imageAndrea says:

ok…I’m still waiting for Adrene. Better go get my shoes on. We’ll fly down to Cyberjaya as soon as she gets here. Congratulations, Michelle and Hans!

#4Gravatar imagevuihow says:

Aikksssss Can’t believe I’m missing a piece of the action, anyway will deliver my belated gift to u n mich soon. Enjoy!

#5Gravatar imageMichelle says:

It’s 1.55am and Wu Han can’t remember what year I’m born in. :-p Linc, Kris and Jess have been wonderful–they rescued Han from the toilet, put him in a bath robe and helped him into bed.

He’s aware enough to know that I’m blogging. :))

My poor husband is completely wasted and babbling about there being 35 tables to toast at dinner.

“Honestly if it wasn’t for the whiskey, I’d be okay by now,” he proclaims. “It’s just coursing through my veins…” 🙂

It’s definitely a night to remember.

#6Gravatar imageLincoln says:

Ooooh… Yeah… ahaha…
Wu Han.. u need to loose some weight man… (as if I am one to talk)
Pleasant sight seeing you in… your unspeakables… Scared for life.

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