Forever Flawed

Wednesday, 22 June 2005

I'll always be scrawny, no matter what I wear,

unless it's something You choose.

Whatever I do will be a waste of time/dangerous/devil-inspired,

unless it's something that You do too.

How I speak will be 'un-Michelle-like' and crass,

unless I say things You want to hear.

My decisions are doomed to bring me to ill-ends,

unless they are in tune with how You want me to turn out.

My spirit will be broken under all this garbage,
I could so easily find myself engulfed with childish hate,
I could give myself over to spite and viscious tongue-lashing,

unless I seek first God's approval and love.

I try.


#1Gravatar imageshah andrew says:

One of my favourite quotes that just really puts everything into perspective:

> “And I looked at my life and I thought I’m afraid to die. And I thought about it. And I came to the conclusion that whether I’m afraid or not, I will do it.” -*Maya Angelou*

p/s: you don’t have to tell me about being scrawny! i am 20kg underweight! just remember that you’re not alone for this fight ya! :p

#2Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

thoughtful… 😉

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