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Monday, 13 June 2005

My [Bantus Capoeira]( friends, Instructor Rafael, Quek, Andrew, Woei Hern, Juli, Terry, Lynn, Jai, Mexican, Soefara, Nathrah, Cabecao, Durim, Perrereca, Hilmy, Marujo, Nadia, Khairul... the gang, will be coming to lend their indomitable Bantus Axé for the event! Thanks guys and gals, you all rock!


#1Gravatar imageShah Andrew says:

Dear Michelle & Wu Han,

Congratulations on finding each other and your decision to start a new life together. May your marriage and friendship lasts forever and may you have lots of kids!!

I hope the two of you will be each other’s bridge over troubled water and be blessed with love because you’ve got a groovey thing goin’. i’m sorry. i’ve been listening to simon & garfunkle.


p/s: what do you mean by “the gang”? 😀

#2Gravatar imageWu Han says:

What kids?

#3Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Thanks for the well-wishes Andrew! We’re still unsure as to who would make up the ‘gang’ till the day itself. Gotta be fluid with regards to Bantus stuff. :-p

#4Gravatar imageAndrew da Ferret says:

what are we suppose to do ar? 😛

#5Gravatar imageLynn da Empty Box says:

i:razz: yahoo! cant wait for your big day!
😀 its gonna be a splendid weekend!

#6Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Hehe, just turn up and let loose! I can scarcely believe that the day’s fast approaching now…but may have succumbed to a bug again though. 😥 Chugging down lots of water and trying to rest as much as possible, in between juggling all the last-minute preparations.

#7Gravatar imageLynn says:

get enough rest and dont come for capo class! (i’m sure Raffie boy will understand)

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