Monday, 30 May 2005

A cornucopia of vignettes compiled over the span of recent memory. I blog infrequently for whatever inexcusable reasons, enjoy this Yeti-post:

Wedding Plans
Michelle and I are coming up to our final leg for the BIG day (33 days to the tea ceremony and the banquet). *Excited... excited... excited...* We've gotten most of the invitations out to our relatives and friends, but there's still many to go. This week, I'll be sending some invites with email and hope to meet up a few more friends who are in town to give them the cards.

Tying up odds and ends, I've got my suit from the Wardrobe in section 14, and shoes from Hush Puppies in 1 Utama. Michelle's evening gown is almost done and looks gorgeous. She's also found her shoes and accesories for the night. Bride and groom will be pretty dolled up for the evening!

Find out more about the wedding in our wedding blog. We haven't posted recently, but hope to add more content in the next few weeks!

Of Blogs and Friends
Recently I've been getting reacquainted with some of my Cempakan and uni friends, via their blogs. Inadvertibly as the people around us (myself included) grow out and get tied up with work and other social commitments, it gets harder to stay in touch. A blog really helps to keep everyone updated on your life.

So when a certain pyschotropic-drug-inspired-goth-chick friend of mine suddenly posted a farewell note on her site, well, it left a withdrawal-like symptom in my system. This friend and I go way back, we were chums in high-school for 3 years before we gone our separate ways--growing out, it happens. I mean, we barely catch-up with each other once a year, I still haven't figured out her IM contact, I don't think I got her email address even.

Okay, so maybe it's partly my fault for not making a concerted effort to stay in touch with friends (maybe it's because I'm busy getting MARRIED? :D). But the fact remain, I stayed in touch by reading your blogs...

Fortunately for me (hehehe), she only just moved her blog to a better place (allegedly), and went for a personality change into a Pyschedelic Hamster's Playground. 🙂

Thank-you to all my currently blogging friends (you know who you all are). Vui How, you'll find that dream job soon enough, I'm sure of it! Pris, have a funtastic trip to Germany and say hi to Jochen for for me-he's also invited to the wedding btw. We'll see you in July! Sui San, keep the bubbly and don't lose the crazy. Min Yen, run hamster run, just don't stop running. Everyone else keep blogging and encourage others to do the same. I promise to comment often!

Family Ties
Some congratulations to go around. First to my cousin who's been posted to Cyprus for work and to another cousin for the succesful launch campaign of the Perodua Myvi. May your respective careers take you as far as you want to go!

On the topic of cars, a little bird told me that the new car from Proton was supposed to be launched a day after the Myvi, which prompted the cheeky run of Proton ads compelling consumers to hold off from buying the Myvi and wait for the new model. Unfortunately, some technical problems crept up with Proton's new model (rumoured to be the Satria Replacement Model), and the whole launch was scrapped until further notice. Anyone want to confirm/refute this goss?

Off on a tangent, I like the styling of the Gen2, but I don't like the name. Proton didn't considered the geek-nerd implication of naming their new car so similar to a particularly uber linux distribution... Or am I the only one that nerdy around here?

Whatever it is, what I really want to drive is this beauty.

Here's hoping all my cousins, siblings and dearest wife *cough cough* can earn lots and lots of money to afford to gift this boy the car of happiness for his birthday one day... It's one thing to be able to afford something this extravagant, but it's true joy when the people dear to you can afford to give it to you as a present. We're talking happiness on a whole new level here people, so work hard!

All Work and No Play...
Work's been moving along, a few big projects are in planning stage now and a few more have been scheduled for next year. I wish I can say more of my projects as they're all quite exciting and interesting for the education industry. I promise I'll divulge more insight into the work I'm doing after the public release of the products we're currently developing.

Up on the horizon I can tell you that I'm in the midst of developing the ELS and ICT Learning websites. I'll post an update when the new sites go up.

The new team is great and I hope they'll keep up their enthusiasm for the work ahead and assist one another in making these projects we have a success and something we can all be proud of.

Amidst the excitement and buzz, it does irk me when progress is held back due to management indecisions and miscommunication. This in turn causes the development team to enter a state of limbo. I can empathize with the business people having to consider the "business" aspect of decisions, which most developers may be oblivious, but please keep the grunts informed. Trust me, it works to keep morale high during times of project inactivity.

Talking About Play
I'm currently looking for a copy of the boardgame, Risk The Lord of the Rings Game - Trilogy Edition from Hasbro toys. Michelle and I have been looking around but couldn't find the game anywhere. Anyone with a clue on where else we should look, let us know!

We've also chanced upon a store in 1 Utama which sells original Anime DVDs for cheap. The shop is called Anime and Tech, and they've got an extensive collection of titles. We got a copy of the Read Or Die OVA. We're thinking of getting the Studio Ghibli collection, Nadia-Secret of Blue Waters and the Rorouni Kenshin movies. The DVDs go for about MYR 19 each. The collected editions cost a bit more, but they're worth it. The shop has most of the recent redub/remastered versions of all the must-see titles, definitly worth checking out if you're an otaku like me.

The demure sorceress Lynx and brooding necromancer Albion are now level 26 and are exploring the tombs of Tal-Rasha in the Canyon of the Magi. We're still hot on Diablo's trail. More reports after we cleared out Rasha's digs...


#1Gravatar imageHilmy says:

Gentoooooo. If only cars were open source, letting you understand and update every little piece. You can download a new car at every new distribution, and bitch about those proprietary licensed, easily hackable ones.

The Secret of Blue Water? Pray tell, it is the full 26 eps TV version? Been looking for that for YEARS. Jap voice Eng sub, mind you.

#2Gravatar imageWu Han says:

The full 26 episodes, digitally remastered, original japanase and english track, improved subs, 4 DVDs. 1 Utama.

#3Gravatar imageHilmy says:

SWEET!!! Woohoo!!!! Finally, the classic is available!

#4Gravatar imagepsychedelic hamster says:

you are finally blogging again! Been checking for new updates in your busy life for a while now.

Now that you have msn and i have my new funky page where u can actually leave comments, we can start off right where we left off. 🙂

i miss u loads, miss all the bizzarre conversations we have! u keep me laughing ngeowster in a world were chuckles are few and rare. my kind of chuckles that is. heh.

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