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Wednesday, 25 May 2005

His many days of faithful badgering paid off last weekend--Han finally got me to play Diablo II on the LAN at home, and I was completely HOOKED. Su Fei got in the act too, so our merry band consisted of Alana, a seriously tenacious Assassin (Su Fei), Albion, a chilled-out Necromancer (Han) and Lynx, a panicky fire-and-ice Sorceress (me lah). I've never played a game like this before where you get to mold your character's abilities based on the kind of skills and attributes you gradually assign to him or her as the game progresses. Although the game has a running storyline, all you really do is wallop monsters of all shapes and sizes, scour the ground for loot and level up your character so you can wallop hardier monsters.

We started at about 10pm on Sunday night, and *poof*, before we realised it, the clock's hour hand had crept to 4. Consequently both of us only woke up in time for lunch at 1. :p Ah, to re-live our university student lifestyles once again (albeit for only one night--can't let this happen too often...)!

Trying to get Lionel to join us to play this weekend. 😀


#1Gravatar imageHilmy says:

Playing Diablo II is advantage in a Taboo match.

“It’s one of those skills tree an Assassin has.”
“What…uh…uh.. shadow?”

True story, I kid not.

#2Gravatar imageWu Han says:

Contrary to what my wife said, I never *badgered* her into playing D2. She did so happy-volunteerily–like a moth to flame. :p

#3Gravatar imagevuihow says:

wah~ reminiscing the goold old days! I wanna play too! Dun wanna do me stupid ethics homework!!

#4Gravatar imageLigeirim says:

Shucks… was trying to install it but my installer’s screwed. Need to get or borrow one… hehehe

#5Gravatar imageAndy Heong says:

Han, how BLOODTHIRSTY is your wife? I mean, I know she have no problems squashing offending Mechs in Mechwarrior 3 (and cuzzing that she can’t fit 4 AC 20s into her Mechs to do even more squashing)…

#6Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Hilmy: clues like *that* are the kind that make Taboo so much more interesting! But if you have a team that’s made of, say, 1 school teacher, 1 computer nerd, 1 fashion designer and 1 accountant, then it becomes very entertaining for the other party. :p

Han: Eh, I remember with vivid clarity how you went, “Wanna play Diablo?” every other day and proceeded to divulge details of the game even when I said no. 😡

Ligeirim: Can borrow ours! Want it? 😀

Vui How: Now now, concentrate…

Andy: Gosh, I really can’t remember what it was like to play Mech Warrior…only that I did a lot of running around, mostly *away* from things. :p

#7Gravatar imageLigeirim says:

Cicak: Sure… but not anytime soon… got loads of things to do, and I still have a couple more games to finish before I go back to diablo… thanks tho!

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