Funny Money

Tuesday, 10 May 2005


*gAsP!* An acquaintance has a few invitations to watch Funny Money at the Hilton Sentral tonight, and I'm taking up the offer! What makes it sweeter is that it costs MYR 6,880 or MYR 9,880 nett per table of 10 to watch the play (I don't know why they price it so prohibitively, if they want to reach out to the local theatre-going public), partly because it includes dinner. Better yet, we get to dress up for the night out! Yay! 😀


That was...


...a letdown.

The people were interesting to observe (I'm talking about the audience, not the actors), the food dainty and enjoyable. The play itself was over-rated, I feel. It started off being funny, yes--but the orchestrated chaos started becoming laborious once it passed the 2-hour mark. The actors' confusion and hysteria-laden voices began to grate on my nerves. Maybe it's partly to do with the fact that we were seated furthest away from the stage, so we lost out on the intimacy with the story.

I was unaware that British Farce is a genre in itself.

Oh well. It was still a good experience.


#1Gravatar imagePriscilla says:

RM900 per head for the show? are you serious?? do ppl REALLY have that much money to throw away?

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

You should have seen the kind of people who were there. Some of them looked as if they were smugly breathing a different layer of air above the rest of us mortals.

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