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Monday, 9 May 2005

Sheesh, I've been so caught up with all sorts of things that I haven't been posting regularly at all in the past few weeks. Apologies and many thanks to all who have been faithfully returning to this blog regardless. Lots of stuff done recently:

  1. Han's visited Wardrobe (the tailor) in Section 14 to have his suit for the wedding made. We're still waiting for them to call for his first fitting.
  2. The heng-dai team have settled on their uniform--they got together a weekend ago to shop for suits at 1Utama. Su Fei and I were there to make sure that they didn't zoom in on mundane colours. :p Imagine--a bunch of guys moving from store to store and being forced to browse for items of clothing for hours, instead of hunting down an identified target. It was an interesting phenomena to observe! I've got photos of the handsomes but haven't had the time to upload and edit them for posting yet.
  3. Shopping! Oh, the joys of finding the perfect bag for yourself... I had tremendous fun meandering round 1Utama with Su Fei, who has fortuitously become my fashion consultant of late. :)) She's got the knack of spotting a bargain/unique stuff/odds and ends tucked away in remote corners of a store, and is wonderfully accomodating when it comes to perusing. I'm blessed with a cool sis-in-law. 😀
  4. Mother's Day turned out a lot more cheerful than I had expected. I managed to track down a nice hand-woven bag for mom (it's a big, soft, mint-green, squashed-bakul-shaped thing with leather handles from MNG), which I paired with a small posy made out of an orange gerbera, alizarin crimson roses and some papery lavender-coloured blooms. Mom's trying to get used to the colour of the bag. :p Took my family to a hearty lunch at Aoyama in Desa Sri Hartamas after the church service. I really enjoyed feeling relaxed with my family, and knowing that they were happy too.
  5. Han and I, along with some of the other seniors, have been holding the fort in terms of teaching classes while Rafael is away in Thailand. Now we know what it's like to dash from one place to the next every weekend! It's tiring, but a good experience. I think I ended up spending more money though, cuz teaching at Celebrity Fitness means that we're within the bowels of the shopping haven that is 1Utama...
  6. We watched The Company one evening. Personally, it was completely riveting--mostly because the producers massaged so many contemporary ballet performances by the Joffrey Ballet into the movie itself in an off-the-wall kind of way (e.g. you'd get glimpses of a performance from the wings or above the stage, and you can hear the shuffling footwork of the dancers). I didn't know Neve Campbell could dance! She did a tremendous job of with her role as the aspiring, up-and-coming young dancer within the company. The movie itself was a docu-drama of sorts and the style took a little getting used to. It was a very honest depiction of the lives of those involved in a professional ballet company, and how they deal with artistic differences, competitiveness, and juggling various personal responsibilities alongside their dance careers. I'd watch it again just for the staged performances.

Eek. I'd better make myself useful. It's been a slooooow Monday at work so far.


#1Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

I watched The Company last yr on my trip to US. Its pretty nice, but I couldnt enjoy it properly cos I kept falling asleep in my seat! (darn jet lag!) 😛

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Watch it again!! You wanna borrow the DVD?

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