Post-Birthday High

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

*sighs happily* Thanks everyone for being part of this year's birthday experience, whether it be that we met in person or otherwise... it's just nice to be remembered. 🙂

The first surprise of the day was when I logged into Salameander very late on Saturday night--the cicak at the top of the page was in a party hat and had one of those festive blow-things (what are they called?), framed by a sprinkling of confetti... and Han had posted a birthday wish for me. I felt soo :">, cuz a couple of minutes before that I was tutting him on forgetting about the kettle which was whistling in the kitchen, while he was at his PC. I thought he was playing Need For Speed Underground II, when in fact he was designing that cicak! :p Thanks sweetie, you really know how to make me smile.

Cousin Nicole bought me an Oktomat--I can't believe it, now I've got my very own Lomo camera! Yesterday I excitedly ran to the nearest camera shop to buy some 400 speed film to load it up and start shooting... but bugger, there are 36 shots in that thing to go through before I can develop the prints. Thanks Nicole, that was the most novel thing I've ever received!

Mom's gift was thoughtful--a set of 3 notebooks from Laura Ashley, all with blank pages. NO LINES, MUAAHAHAHAHAAA...! I'm gonna sooo enjoy using them. Thanks mom. 🙂

Su Fei bought me a nice little halter-neck top. It's black with nice prints of big red flowers randomly scattered about. Ordinarily I never would have given it a second glance if I saw it at a shop, but I surprised myself that I liked it very much. Thanks Su Fei!

And Han's mom gave me a fat angpow, for which I'm really grateful (as our cash this month has been mostly OUTflows...).

By far the biggest treat for me was to know that my mom actually thought of inviting my in-laws to join us for dinner that Sunday night--it's a watershed. It turned out that Han's parents already had other plans, but I'm encouraged by Mom's initiative to invite them out in the first place. God is good! 🙂


#1Gravatar imageLigeirim says:

Wait… just to make things clear, your birthday was on Saturday or Sunday?!?! O_o

#2Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Sunday lah. :))

#3Gravatar imageNicole says:

Great to know you liked the present, and thanks for calling me up just before I left! It’s a pity there isn’t a flash on the camera and that it isn’t digital, but it should take mean capoeira shots! If you have time scan me a few!

#4Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Nicole: Argh, I don’t have a scanner! 😛 but yeah, I’ll be making good use of it for capoeira (at least for this first roll of film). Hope your new semester has kicked off nicely.

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