Evening Gown

Tuesday, 12 April 2005

I'm so excited--the ball's rolling with regards to my evening dress. I'm now more or less certain that Anna Lee Rajakumar of That Special Occasion will be the one to handle this for me. This weekend I'll be visiting her to have a look at the swatches of material she has, and hopefully to decide on the colour of my gown. She's suggesting that I go for stronger colours since my skin is fair (I'm FAIR-SKINNED?! NOoooOOooo...!!), otherwise I'm going to look washed out in pastels. Right now we're going for a simple halter-neck design, with a low back.

And yes, I walk 3 flights of stairs to reach the place. I'm not taking that lift again if I can help it!


#1Gravatar imageAndy Heong says:

Come on, surely you won’t get stuck in the lift again. 🙂 And you are fair skinned now… almost albino like… well, maybe not that bad. The lizard is not sunning herself enough! :p

#2Gravatar imagegrace says:

ooh the gowns there look simply lovely!! *eeee* hahah…you’re gonna look stunning girl 😉

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