Lionel’s Interview With Shell

Friday, 8 April 2005

I'm proud of my brother. 🙂 Yesterday he was one of 16 people attending a whole-day interview with Shell Malaysia, and from what he tells me of his experience, I think he held in there very well. He surprised the rest by being the youngest candidate there, with most of the other candidates holding postgraduate or double-degrees from various respectable universities (although, there was one Malay girl who graduated from Universiti Malaya, but spoke with a forced and fake American-ish accent--he was pained). They made presentations, were grilled on their answers, put in groups to be observed on how they interacted with other individuals, and consumed good food.

I'm glad to note that he's leaving the outcome of this to God. Really, it takes a whole load off a person's chest to know that ultimately He's in charge--if He wants you to be in a certain place, or do a certain task, He'll take care of the conditions to make sure that you'll get there (yes, you do get to make your own choices, and in this case Lionel chooses to look out for what Christ would like him to do with his life).

Go Lionel!


#1Gravatar imagepriscilla says:

First of all, Oh MY GOSH!!! I remember Lionel as some young [whippersnapper](!! (sorry Lionel) He’s getting called for interviews now??? How old is he Mich? damn! For some reason I forget that the younger siblings grow up too :-s

ok now that I got that off my chest… congrats on the interview Lionel. Most ppl nowadays will do anything just to get that. Hope everything turns out well for you!

#2Gravatar imageLionel says:

Hi Priscilla,

Thank you for the well-wishes, and yes, I do get that all the time, don’t worry. 🙂

I am 21 and was looking forward to perhaps a good start with Shell, but that is not to be. Was turned down last Friday. Be encouraged though that God makes some things VERY clear, if only we put our trust in His ways.

Am looking forward to an interview with Accenture this Friday; their office is really nice! 🙂

The world is indeed small. Thank God for Blog. 🙂

Have a nice day all.

#3Gravatar imagepriscilla says:

hi Lionel! btw, I didn’t mean ‘whippersnapper’ in its literal sense, didn’t know you THAT well… HAHAHAHA. But it’s great to know you’re getting all these wonderful opportunities… what won’t break you will only make you stronger!! Good luck!

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