Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Various cities along the west coast of Malaysia experienced tremors around midnight last night that rippled from an 8.7-magnitude earthquake just off the coast of Sumatra. I felt nothing as I was already sound asleep at the time. My brother Lionel did though, saying that the sliding doors and desks upstairs were rattling away. Earlier that night Webster was unusually subdued and didn't have his usual appetite for dinner.

I may have missed out on a novel experience, but I'm glad I was spared from feeling terrified--if the tremors also affected our area.

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#1Gravatar imageAnson F-Clef says:

Yo Michelle,

Anson here again…hehehe…I have just posted my blog journal regarding the tremors…incidentally I live on the 6th floor of Pelangi Damansara apartments but NEVER felt anything, even the rattle of my dining table and my balcony’s sliding door (actually at the time of the tremor, I was storing some of my friends’ items into my PC and doing some short, spunky demo recordings and was NOT paying any attention at all) tho… but looking at the commotion of people rushing downstairs from all the apartment blocks DOES chill my spine, tho’……what more by the time my friends were about to leave the guardhouse, they were concerned for me and even asked me out for a mamak session @ the 24-hour Mosin across the pedestrian bridge…so I took no chances and just went out with them – even with my eyes almost shut…..OK, I may have to leave the front desk now, CYA!

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