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Wednesday, 23 March 2005

Most of us tend to look forward to celebrating occasions--typically birthdays, anniversaries, religious festivals, weddings and such. These dates are rightly deemed to be special, so we await them with anticipation and excitement, making preparations that can range from the very simple to the vastly elaborate.

I was wondering though--if we always look forward to celebrating or chasing after something that happens (or may happen) in the future, will we lose sight of cherishing the present?

Too often have I heard how some people speak about their lives, seemingly trapped in their hopes and visions of a 'better' future only when certain conditions are met. Some are quite blind to all that they're blessed with, yearning for things beyond their reach. (I'm not referring to cases like abused and abandoned children, drug-addicts and the like. That's a whole different story.)

I'm often guilty of that. Ask my husband. I'm always wanting things to go my way, wishing situations were perfect, whining and complaining about how unfair life is sometimes--when underlying it all is the fact that I'm surrounded with people who love me dearly and I lack no good thing. It takes a gargantuan effort on my part to shut my gap and be honest with myself, that I'm just being self-centred and inconsiderate.

God provides for his creation so that we can be liberated to do what He has designed each of us for. (I think that explains why a lot of us feel that we are gifted in some way or other and derive the most satisfaction when we put it to good use, whether it remunerates us handsomely or otherwise.) It also frees us to take a look around and realise that we have so much to be thankful for and celebrate right this very moment, without having to place our happiness on things that are yet to come--which may or may not materialize.

I'm not advocating that we forsake planning for or looking forward to the future--that's a silly thing to conclude. I just feel that a lot of people could be much less gloomy about their present circumstances if they would take the time and effort to take stock of all the good things that surround them now.

So today, I will celebrate the fact that I have a job (even though it hasn't paid me a performance bonus for the past year), an able body to enjoy all my activities and help those in need of it, an adoring husband (who puts up with my quirks--I don't know of anyone else who can) and a family that still loves me despite all the hurt I've caused them. And there being a God who's watching over His creation, reaching out to us in love if we care enough to search for Him.


#1Gravatar imageWu Han says:

I whole-heartedly agree. I also don’t know how I put up with her quirks and vice-versa. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I married her–when you find someone you’re quirk-proof to. It’s a sign you two are meant to be.

#2Gravatar imageLigeirim says:

Well said. Both of you. Nuff said.

(I’m so wordless these few days…)

#3Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Ligeirim: I think it’s the stupid haze. Dulls everything.

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