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Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Here's why we were so impressed with the Aeroline coach which plows the KL-Singapore route:

Aeroline upper-deck

Doesn't this look like an airline interior?

Aeroline lower-deck

The seats were new, clean and very comfortable. A bit on the soft side, but they would have made excellent things to sleep in on a long haul journey. It's not apparent in the photo, but the lounge had an added touch of class because they had installed low watt halogen lamps in the side tables for uplighting.

Aeroline bus theatre system

Samsung flat panel display with a Sony 5.1 Surround Sound system.

The next morning after we arrived, Han went off to the Intercontinental Hotel for his conference and I had the whole day to myself. I met up with my cousin Alison for lunch at Harbour Front, which is near where she works. During my walkabout along Orchard Road, I saw:

Orchard Road

Tree-lined streets like these, in abundance.

Tree canopy

More trees--I love their shape! They've been planted mostly along major streets and highways, and they all look so lush and healthy.

Colourful shopping mall

A shopping mall's exterior sponsored by Dulux.

Istana's water feature

Oasis in the city

A water feature and a small manicured garden/park across the street from the Istana (I didn't realise that Singapore had one!). Just feasting on the sight of cool shade and a calm body of water helped to take my mind off the afternoon's heat.

At the end of the afternoon, I made my way back to the Riverview Hotel by taking the MRT, alighting at the Clarke Quay station and following the pathway by the river. It proved to be a pleasant stroll.

River view

Here's a view of the river...

Under a bridge

... followed by a walk under a bridge...

Showerhead stalls

... to come across many, many giant showerheads. These were opposite shoplots which were made up mostly of bars and restaurants. They looked pretty swanky, but I hear that they're frequented by bengs... what a pity.

Bizarre furniture

Found beneath one of the showerheads. I suppose the only people who'd be able to bear sitting in those chairs would have to be in the same condition as that depicted by the carvings.

Colourful bridge

Whoa. My eyes got burned looking at it.

I finally reached the hotel after about half an hour of walking. Han was already back. After an hour's rest we made our way back into the city to meet up with Priscilla (a mutual friend from Sri Cempaka) and Wu Tien (Han's cousin), both of whom now work in Singapore. Dinner was at a restaurant called Streeters that served Mediterranean fare. Beginning with a jug of sangria, these were presented at our table one after the other:

4-cheese platter

A cheese platter for starters--manchego, blue cheese, brie and one other which I can't recall.

Grilled chorizo with onions

Grilled spicy chorizo sausages with onions. It was easily the most appetizing of dishes we ordered that night.

Delicious Paella

Paella! That's a slipper lobster in the forefront. Partially hidden from view are clams, prawns, fish fillets and very well-marinaded rice.

We managed to roll over to Wu Tien's apartment after our meal.


Here they are--Priscilla in the foreground and Wu Tien somewhere in the back.

The next day was a bit of a disaster as I carelessly cancelled our lunch appointment with Jessie (my uni mate, Han's primary school friend) at the last minute. She was understandably upset, and I fretted over it all the way back to KL because I've never had a friend get mad at me before. :"> Anyway, it's been settled now, and I've learned a valuable lesson about respecting other people's time constraints. Before we journeyed back to KL Han managed to pick up a 1GB iPod Shuffle at a great price, and I bought my Adidas shoes for MYR100 less as compared to what it's being sold at Malaysian stores. No more of tearing up my feet on raw concrete in public rodas anymore, hurrah!!! Got a pair for Kotak too, since we were both looking to buy the same model.

So there you go. What surprised me most was Singapore's greenery. I've always assumed that the city is a stereotypical, concrete urban jungle, but that clearly wasn't the case. I'm impressed by how well the whole place has been planned out where environmental aesthetics is taken into consideration before any building is allowed to be constructed. Definitely a great place for a visit... but I doubt I could ever live there, considering its insane pace of work. I'm happy where I am.


#1Gravatar imageruach says:

kudos on the food photos! mmm…

#2Gravatar imageCherry says:

Nice photos. I live in JB and I’m always in Singapore. Your photos remind me of my weekly shopping escapades on Orchard Road.

#3Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

There’s a really nice cafe along Holland Road that sells GREAT mud cakes and excellent lasagna. Cant remember the cafe name, except that its mascot is a little black n white dog.

Man, I’m salivating from just thinkin bout it…

Road trip?? >:)

#4Gravatar imageNicole says:

Thanks for directing me to the photo site! Yes Singapore is admittedly a bit greener than KL… You’d better come visit me when I’m there this July! Will be yearning for a bit of company from home… Anyway see you in a couple of weeks!

#5Gravatar imageLincoln says:

Hey Kotak ,

I think the name of that cafe you mentioned is NYDC . I guess it stands for New York Dessert Cafe or something like that

#6Gravatar imagePriscilla says:

is that the best picture you have of me, Mich??? hahahahaha… oh my god looking at the pictures of all that food makes me wanna go have it all over again!!

#7Gravatar imageLigeirim says:

Ahha… it makes sense! I remember a New York thinghy in the name! Muuuuud piiiiiieeee!!!

#8Gravatar imagePriscilla says:

Man! NYDC mudpies are the BEST!!!

#9Gravatar imageMichelle says:

SeT! Now we know where to go to stuff our faces the next time we’re in Singapore.

Nicole: I didn’t know you’d be coming home in a few weeks! Call me okay? No excuse for us not meeting up. :p

Pris: Sorrylah, you were the one trying to lean yourself out of the picture. :)) And I can’t post comments on your blog unless I register with blogger! Kacau saje.

#10Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

Lincoln: Yes, yes, thats the one! (mmmm… mud pieeee…)

#11Gravatar imagedustyhor says:

hmm… hie Michelle, hie Kotak… you girls know each other??? oh my, what a small world!!! Its nice to be able to hear from you guys from your blogs, I hope you don’t mind me reading them here 🙂 Miss you guys lots and hope to be able to meet up with you guys someday. Right now I am stuck in JB and will be changing to a new and more challenging job in the middle of next month in another company. So whenever you guys step into Singapore or JB, do remember to give me a call 🙂 I will do the same if I ever step into KL again, although that would seem quite unlikely at the moment. So long, take care and God bless 🙂

#12Gravatar imagesal∂meanδ » Aeroline to Singapore says:

[…] ed away from Corus, southbound and on time. Pictures of the Aeroline interior are in this post. The Aeroline bus is a yellow double-decker stylized to suggest a smug superio […]

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