My First Ever Analyst Report!

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Yippee!!! Just 10 minutes ago I clicked the 'Send' button in my e-mail and officially mailed out my first, proper analyst report after 2 years of working in this company. A couple of weeks ago I accompanied my colleague, Raymond, to Muar on a visit to a plastic injection moulding company, and this is the resulting report. He covers the tech sector and helped me a lot with this piece of work (thanks SO much!). There's still much to learn about the arcane art of forecasting...

I'm so happy! Yay! :"> It's a big thing, to finally take a (tentative) step upward in my career. Being a research assistant entails more administrative work than real analytical stuff--at my present workplace anyway. There are days when I get frustrated at all the menial things that are handed to me to take care of (like printing reports, binding them and making coffee for visitors), but I'm reminded that God knows exactly what's best for me, and that includes humbling myself to take on these less glamorous tasks as well. All praise to Him who enables us to do good things. 🙂

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#1Gravatar imageruach says:

w00t! congrats, d00d! 🙂 you know what they say–you gotta be able to handle the small things before you can handle the big ones.

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