Aeroline to Singapore

Tuesday, 8 March 2005

I left the office at 4:30pm and headed home as quickly as I can. The afternoon is going to be one mad rush to get to Singapore. After suffering an annoying jam at the Sunway cable bridge intersection, I did one last check at home before getting on the LRT to meet Michelle at her office. Our bus was scheduled to leave at 6:45pm from Corus hotel, a short 5 minute commute by foot from the Bank of China building where my wife works.

I was ravenous when I arrived Ampang Park. All I had to eat today was a handful of grapes and water. Michelle offered to get us some hotdogs before our bus pulled away from Corus, southbound and on time.

Pictures of the Aeroline interior are in this post.

The Aeroline bus is a yellow double-decker stylized to suggest a smug superiority over flying to Singapore. The seats in the Aeroline were huge and had ample leg room, a bit too much for a pint-sized Asian like me—for those keeping score, the Aeroline is a lot more spacious then the Nice busses. Personally, I found the seats a bit too slippery for my liking as I kept sliding down the roomy seats on full recline and it sure didn’t feel too comfortable. But to be fair, I was enjoying the full-effects of post-training muscle soreness after training hard over the weekend, so it wouldn’t have mattered to me if the Aeroline had a Heavenly Bed on-board--I would still be uncomfortable.

Contrary to what their website says, the Aeroline didn’t have power points at every seat, and I didn’t notice any lounge/office area, VCD-DVD player or massage chair facility at the lower deck. Maybe these luxuries were only available on certain busses on their fleet. Do check with them before booking if these things are important for your trip.

The catering service onboard was pretty decent for a coach. Meals were served warm and consisted of rice, stir-fried vegetables, a few piece of tofu and Sze-chuan style lean chicken in a plastic bento-like box. There was also a dessert of lychee jelly and a choice of coffee or tea afterwards. Nevertheless, I was thankful for the hotdogs Michelle got earlier, and we still have biscuits and apples if we got hungry later.

The ride on the bus itself is not as stable compared to the Nice busses on account of the height, and you could feel the bus sway more at the upper-deck. You do get a better all-round view upstairs, which helps lessen the claustrophobia of coach travel. I’m not too effected by this, as I usually prefer to sleep off a coach journey, in which case, I would be biased towards a smoother ride.

It’s another 3 more hours to our destination. Michelle has booked us into the Riverview hotel for the duration of our stay.

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