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Wednesday, 23 February 2005

My lady colleagues and I got into an animated discussion about wedding photography over our company's Chinese New Year lunch today, as 2 of us will be getting married this year. I've been asking around for contacts, and so far Covershots and a group of professionals under Grant Corban look promising. Kid Chan is reputed to be good, but has apparently allowed his ego to outgrow his head (frankly I'm not too keen on his style--it's too composed. If he were a chef, it would have been as if he was following a recipe book to the t, even when it comes to the supposedly 'unplanned' photos).

We're looking for a more candid style (studio packages frighten us--we don't really like posing for pictures), someone who can capture emotions well and preferably is also adept at handling black and white shots. Equally as important is his or her temperament and level of professionalism. The last thing we want to happen is to have a spat with the person on the big day itself!

Anyway, if anyone could recommend someone who fits the bill, it would be much appreciated. 🙂

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#1Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

Oooh i like Grant Corban’s photography style! Esp. this set of an Indian wedding pix.. 🙂

#2Gravatar imageruach says:

I know a [guy]( but he’s unfortunately based in new jersey.

#3Gravatar imageLincoln says:

Try this [guy]( ). Young budding photographer who works on candid shots. If you want, i can put you in touch with him

#4Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Thanks for your suggestions!

Ruach, I haven’t learned how to make money spill out of my pockets (but apparently the fund management industry is just the place to get an idea of how to do that!) so I’ll have to give your option a miss…sorry. :p

Lincoln, I like Hyperhex’s eye for detail. Would be nice to give him a buzz. Is he experienced in wedding/event photography?

#5Gravatar imageGrant Corban says:

Much thanks for the endorsements… regarding wedding day photography, it is best to go to a photographer directly rather than a studio who will dole the shoot out to who ever is available. This will help your working relationship with them on the day. Three things to keep in mind… 1. your budget 2. their style (you gotta like it) 3. their personality… you will be seeing them the whole day through 😉

Once you find the person book them fast. The good ones are booked well in advance. (I am taking bookings in 2006 already). This means a lot of people like my style, however it may not be what you want. So, be true to yourself and your tastes, as you will be living with the shots for the rest of your days.

Regarding hiring non-wedding shooters… my advice is be very careful. Anyone can buy a camera, just like they can buy an RX8. The RX8 doesn’t make someone a good driver… might make them a dead one quite quickly but that is another story 😉

Likewise a camera doesn’t make some one a good photographer. The most important thing is the person holding it.

I have shot at least two weddings where there were very capable photographers present. One of them was for someone in commercial advertising. She did NOT want any of her myriad of contacts to shoot as she knows how they work. Commercial shooters are precise and very controlled in their style. Weddings are NOT. They are carefully choreographed chaos. The photographer needs to think extremely quickly, anticipating the shots to be in position before they happen. The other shoot I mentioned, the commercial shooter who was supposed to cover the wedding, an experienced mat salleh in his late 40s, met up with me to ask for some tips….only to realise he was going to be way out of his depth, having never shot a wedding before. I reluctantly shot that one as it was for a friend, but I really did want to party at a wedding just for once!

I hope this doesn’t put anyone off becoming a wedding photographer. If you have the right temperament, can think fast while under extreme pressure, have a strong perfectionist streak then this may be the job for you 😉

I do it mostly out of passion.

Good luck for the day and best wishes

#6Gravatar imageGrant Corban says:

If I had the money I would get this guy, [Luca Raina]( I first heard of him through a bride I shot in January. She couldn’t get him, so I was second choice 😉

If I spoke Italian I would ask him for a job!!!

#7Gravatar imageYW says:

Thank you for the compliment 🙂

#8Gravatar imageThe Wedding » The Photographer says:

[…] can be reached at his mobile/email: +6016 331 4938/ Related links: Wedding Photography Permalink Leave a reply N […]

#9Gravatar imageweddingphotojournalismbayarea says:

Anytime you’re looking for candid photos rather than formal posed studio style shots, be sure to search for ‘photojournalism’ as one of your criteria in finding a wedding photographer.

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