The BMW 1 Series

Monday, 21 February 2005

BMW 1 Series

Another item added to my "I want one badly" list. The gorgeous BWM 1 Series. I caught the silver stunner on the road last night around Sri Hartamas on my way to the in-laws for dinner, and fell in love with how darn good it looked. Checking out its specs online only served to reinforce my materialistic desire to own one of these beauties as soon as I can afford MYR229,593.30.

To be fair to Michelle, it would obviously be a yellow one. 😀


#1Gravatar imageMichelle says:

*sigh* I’d rather you get your [iPod Shuffle][ipod].


#2Gravatar imagePopi says:

Is this another coupe or something, but how much are pricing it, is it really worth the money ah? I know they launch it in Bukit Bintang sometime ago, but if this car is expensive, why not get a 3 series instead

#3Gravatar imageAnson F-Clef says:

Uhmmm–can’t perceive that its transmission is automatic… but its gearshift looks more like manual–now what’s what… but for a BM, I personally think the back looks unorthodoxically short…

#4Gravatar imageMichelle says:

Well, to be fair I do like BMWs in general, and the 1 Series is an amazing package. Its gear transmission is automatic–steptronic, if I’m not mistaken. Check out the link in Wu Han’s original posting for proper details on the car. I really like the styling of the chassis–it’s quite classic, not too aggressive, and it’s curvy in the right places.

Definitely a dream car, but for now we’ve got to mind our dollars and cents. 🙂

#5Gravatar imageLigeirim says:

It’s a mini/hatchback, not a coupe. A coupe comes with two doors. The style is classic BMW, nice and classy. Steptronic, if I am not mistaken is basically like a stick-shift (manual), but without the clutch (like an auto). So it’s a nice blend for those who like the thrill of gear shifting, but hate clutch stepping.

The price of a 3-series is way pricier than this methinks, but I’ve never considered one before (never had the luxury of being close to that kind of money… :P). I dunno if they have it in yellow tho… :p

Oh, btw, in case people are wondering, the ‘series’ that people always refer to represents the type of car. In this case, the 3-series represents a regular sedan/saloon. The 5th and 7th series probably refers to bigger and more ‘executive’ saloons. (tho I am an exec, I dunno why I still can’t afford ‘executive’ cars…) In this case, I’m guessing the 1-series is referring to a line of ‘minis/hatchbacks’. Just my dua sen worth.

#6Gravatar imagekOtAk says:

i always tell my better half that if (IF) i were to ever buy a luxury car, it would always b a BMW. i can confidently tell u that my preference is purely fr the esthetic point of view rather than the actual nitty gritty bits of its engine power and performance.

i also think its a suitable luxury car for ladies to drive without looking like u r tryin to hard 😛

#7Gravatar imageVuihow says:

In terms of practicality, I recommend you to purchase either the 3 or 7 series instead, cos the boot will probably not fit in a twin or quad seater baby trolley if you have children (twins or quadruplets LOL) in the future, not to mention my “wheels” if u were to fetch me at KLIA next time…

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