Prana & Friends Charity Concert

Friday, 18 February 2005

February 12th was my mom's birthday. I felt really bad about not making it to dinner with my family that night, but I had already promised to sing at this concert which was in aid of the tsunami victims, specifically in Acheh.


Here's Elvira. She had roped me in to be part of Reshmonu's backing vocals--so it ended up being the two of us and Praveen! It was a reunion of sorts. :p

Resh and us

We only had one round of rehearsals a few days prior to the concert. Thankfully Resh is an easygoing guy--yet he knows exactly what he wants, and communicates it well to us.

Prana's music was a real treat, to me. It was the first time I'd ever heard classical indian instruments such as the sitar, tabla, mridangam (thanks for the link Elvira! I still can't pronounce this name though. Blehr.) and ganjeera (would anyone happen to have photos of the last one?) blending so well with guitars (nylon, steel and
bass). Their material spans across genres such as traditional classical indian music, blues and funk. Some numbers had such infectious rhythms that I couldn't help myself--when we weren't on stage, Elvira and I were grooving in the wings. 😀

Another joy was to watch the musicians have fun while playing on stage. It was clear that they were only limited by their creativity--there was no questioning each individual's mastery of his respective instrument. There was such a good vibe up there. What gave an extra dimension to these characters was getting to know them while we were all backstage--they're ALL clowns and they don't take themselves seriously.


#1Gravatar imageLynn says:

sounds cool! wat an interesting life of music! 🙂

#2Gravatar imageAnson F-Clef says:

Gotcha, Mi-Me-Mi-Ma-Mi-Mo-Mi-Mu-Michelle!!

Heard some latest newz regarding you from urmmmm… even the papers and I SMSed Elvira regarding Reshmonu’s do at the Actors’ Studio–too sorry I could not be there that nite bcs I had to groove on my bass guitar @ DUMC for its praise and worship that weekend (Sat & Sun all in all 4 celebrations, NOT services)… well well if we could still drop a line some fine time, we CAN and we MAY… in the meantime, I shall still be uploading new sounds for both my music workstations at home and more importantly, at my workplace in Damansara Kim where I work as a music arranger/programmer for TV & Radio commercials/jingles as well as a demo recording studio at my apartment–well, my b’day’s coming up FAR TOOOOO SOOOON… more silver strands jutting out of my head and still on classical vocs lessons… while occasionally uploading photos into my blog.


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