Pickle Your Feet

Saturday, 5 February 2005

It relieves blisters. I tell you, it really works. Rafael told me to try soaking them in a tub of hot salt water one night after class, when the soles of my feet had taken a particularly hard battering and were sore with missing patches of skin.

Han helped me pamper my feet that way. In just 2 days I was ready for another class. What an improvement from having to limp around gingerly for a week! My guess is that the salt helps to kill whatever bacteria that lurks in the crevices of broken skin, and probably made for a quicker healing process.

Cost of treatment: 50 sen for a small bag of salt, enough for 3 rounds of soaking. Hurrah for home remedies!

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#1Gravatar imageQuecka says:

Yeah man, I totally agree. Before the Indonesia trip my feet were kiling me! I soaked for 20 minutes in salt water the night before we left and ta-da, good as new. I think it has something to do with osmosis. Either water gets sucked out (from the blisters) or water gets sucked in to your feet, making them feel softer… neways… i’m going to post this up on the yahoo group so you guys won’t be able to use blistery feet as an excuse to skip training… muahahahahaha

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