Eventful Sunday

Sunday, 30 January 2005

I woke up this morning to find my poor husband nearly incapacitated due to his bad back. 🙁

I kept my decision to attend the 1st service at church, but a phone call to Quek had me packing my capoeira gear to scoot off to Plaza Mont Kiara halfway through the service to lend a hand for the Sun Yoga show there at 11am. In the end I could have stayed for the entire sermon, if I had known that the VIPs would be holding up the schedule at Mont Kiara. :-{

The message focused on part of the sermon on the mount--familiar ground, but I was keen to see if the speaker had anything new to add to what I thought I had already gleaned from the text.

Anyway, it was a good performance. The organizers were very pleased (our novelty still holds!) and I hear that Sunrise is thinking of involving us in future (paying) events. Our guys are a multi-talented lot--it was amusing to watch them getting into the line-dancing groove.

There was one more slot to play in, but I wanted to go home and tend to Han's back. The evening was a leisurely one, and there was even a storm to enjoy. We watched the bizzare Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and later went for dinner with the Ngeow family. Pui Lin treated us all to dinner on account of her promotion at the advertising agency she works for.

Ugh. Mental block. The wine's shutting me down...

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