Go Lionel!

Wednesday, 26 January 2005

Shell has contacted my brother to invite him for an interview. I was well-impressed with how he tackled the questions in his application form--they were tough, and he was creative with his responses. I'm so excited for him! I hear that Shell is one of the better employers in town, and it'll be a great learning experience for him.

Coincidentally, it turned out that one of the speakers at the Bloomberg conference I attended at the Ritz Carlton this morning turned out to be Idris Jala, the managing director of Shell. He mentioned that he's from the Kelabit tribe, which could explain the unusual colouring of his speech. I wonder if Lionel will get the chance to speak with him--he seems like a genuinely warm, mild-mannered person... someone Lionel could get along well with.

Now we await their response.

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