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Saturday, 15 January 2005

Phew, it's been a long afternoon. Han, his parents and myself waded through Jalan Ampang lunch hour traffic to get to the Westin, where we eagerly made our way to Prego for a late meal. Along the way, they filled me in on that morning's trip to Cyberview Lodge. It was apparent that the resort's well-maintained gardens and amenities impressed everyone, especially after having made that long, (and virtually signboard-less) journey there!

There's space in the garden to hold a simple ceremony before sundown, and should it rain they even have a shaded backup area for us to use. Brilliant! My parents-in-law are quite taken in by the idea of being able to spend part of the occasion in an outdoor setting--it certainly lends a more memorable element to a wedding and I'm glad that we have this opportunity to exercise more creativity in the planning process. Very promising.

Right. After lunch we were met by Lillian and Alice who took us on a quick tour of the hotel's ballroom and proudly showed off their snazzy signature Martin Architectural Effect Lighting facility there. (Although it was indeed very impressive, we saw the potential 'beng'-ness of it all if the controls were to be delivered into the wrong hands..) The air of the whole place was distinguishly polished--fresh and clean lines, colours and fabrics. It's the kind of atmosphere that would make anyone walk with a more measured pace, stand with their shoulders slightly farther back, or sit a little straighter in his seat. The two ladies did well in their conduct to extend the Westin brand to us (even the heavenly coffee and peanuts weren't spared) and handled our queries professionally. According to them, they do have other events lined up on the 2nd of July itself (not surprising) which are also yet to be confirmed, so we'll need to get back to them by the end of the month to give them an indication of our level of interest in the venue.

At 4pm we left the hotel with the intention of going home, but along the way we took a detour to have a look at the Sheraton Subang as well. They have a small but matured tropical garden round the back, with a flat grassy area which would have been ideal for a small ceremonial gathering--were it not for the wafting scent of eau de merde permeating the entire lawn. Tsk.

That brought us to the close of our running around for the day. At least for the wedding bit. We finally concluded that Cyberview Lodge would offer the best of both worlds in terms of pricing, novelty and functionality of venue and making for a memorable night. With that decision made, it's time to let our creative juices flow... Han and I are immensely excited on this first major project together. I pray that this experience will serve to draw us even closer to each other, and strengthen even more the bond that we have. God, help me draw out the best in him, and vice versa.

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