Bouldering Log #001

03.07.16 No Comments

Just trying to keep a little video log of my progress with bouldering. :) It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this blog, so I’m just going to jump right back into writing whenever I can.

On another note, 2016 has been an amazing year of change, growth and progress for me. Both personally and professionally. Sometimes through unexpected, pull-the-rug-under-your-feet kind of situations that left me reeling and uncharacteristically hapless—but I managed to get up again, and to glean life’s lessons from them whichever way I could. Choosing to do otherwise would have been crippling.

GMP Audit - Round Two

05.04.16 No Comments

OK it’s official - the next GMP Audit date for Kinder Soaps has been set for April 13th (Wednesday). Frantically going over my documentation (SOPs, Staff Training Schedules, Batch Records, QC Sheets etc), ticking off mental checklists in my head about anything outstanding with…  

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Celebrating Little Victories

11.12.15 No Comments

…like discovering 540MB of inaccessible, unused files in my Movies folder (I think Han uninstalled iMovie from my laptop in September last year). Helloo, disk space!  

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… is married to a self-professed uber-geek, and now has four children under the age of 8 to keep her busy.

She also started up Kinder Soaps - a little handmade soap business that tries to cater to the needs of those with sensitive skin.

If she manages to make some time for herself, she would very much like to be drawing, dancing, singing, or exploring a new place.

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Ran my first 'official' 1km in these new shoes (first time buying proper running shoes, ever). I was so surprised how soft and cushioned each step was, compared to the usual pounding on the tarmac that I am used to when running barefoot.  14 days to buildMornings...Waiting to hustle. Lovely rainy morning and calm atmospheric music to enjoy it with.Hey guys, if you are in the neighbourhood, do swing by Publika and check out this year's KL Eco Film Fest! Lots of interesting eco-friendly businesses to check out. @kindersoaps is also there, with fresh batches of soap for you to pick up as gifts for friWe need to teach our kids to be better, braver, and kinder, than ourselves.Always checking back on safety profiles of essential oils whenever I work on a new formulation. So much to learn... #kindersoaps #allnatural #handmadesoap #sensitiveskin