Serendipity Is…

24.02.17 No Comments

…discovering that our soap customers are actually more excited and passionate about environmental issues related to skincare, rather than the quality of the goods themselves (as observed by their engagement statistics with our FB posts).

Bouldering Log #001

03.07.16 No Comments

Just trying to keep a little video log of my progress with bouldering.  

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GMP Audit - Round Two

05.04.16 No Comments

OK it’s official - the next GMP Audit date forĀ Kinder SoapsĀ has been set for April 13th (Wednesday). Frantically going over my documentation (SOPs, Staff Training Schedules, Batch Records, QC Sheets etc), ticking off mental checklists in my head about anything outstanding with…  

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… is married to a self-professed uber-geek, and now has four children under the age of 8 to keep her busy.

She also started up Kinder Soaps - a little handmade soap business that tries to cater to the needs of those with sensitive skin.

If she manages to make some time for herself, she would very much like to be drawing, dancing, singing, or exploring a new place.

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Finding my feet in the kitchen again....when you go overboard with scratching an itch, and it feels SO good... :confounded:Looking upwards has been a good way to put my struggles into perspective. Thinking of all my friends and loved ones - may you be blessed with serenity, regardless of your circumstances.Here's hoping there will be another pair of abadas joining these 3 soon. #capoeira #mscklNon-stop cleaning, day in and day out, but it's getting much easier to cherish the messiness of life and find many little moments of joy. Blessed Easter everyone.This morning's surprise. I don't remember teaching Reuben anything about contracts...!